What would you say?

Poetry, poetry, poetry!
All around outside & flowin’ in me!
I have no hate in my heart,
because it’s all loved up with poesy!
Darius Daniels: Game On! & poetry are what’s up in coming days for students at
Lake Ridge Middle School in Woodbridge, VA. They’ll be reading the book for weeks to come, and during my author visit today, we’re going to talk about the power of our own voices, communication breakdowns, the worlds we can make with our words, why we read and write, and poetry as survival. Our goal is to dramatically expand the number of voracious readers at the school because we know words can avert wars, birth peace, and grow gardens of grace in the thorniest space.

What would you say to these students about the power of words? Have a story about how words changed your life? Please share.

*Shoutout to royalbydesign369 for the inspiration of Mantra – Photo credit: Cheriss May