Caroline and Four Amazing Children Celebrate International Literacy Day, Poem-Style

In celebration of #InternationalLiteracyDay 2019, I’m encouraging all adults to make a commitment to spend time feeding the hungry readers and writers in your life with your time and words – words from books, rhyming books, poetry books, comic books, magazines, newspapers, street signs, buildings, letters, cards, and words from their own mouths! Check out our new video reciting my poem, Why I Read, and use it to ignite a discussion about why reading is a good and useful thing, a discussion I’m betting will help them tap into their own power to excel as readers and writers. And, please, let us know how you like the video and how your new reading and writing experiences go.

Click here to read entire poem.WHY I READ POEM BY CAROLINE BREWER 090819


2 thoughts on “Caroline and Four Amazing Children Celebrate International Literacy Day, Poem-Style”

  1. this brings back a precious memory. When I was a child, I would read anything I could find. I remember sitting at the kitchen table reading cereal boxes and juice bottles. It felt really good because I could. (And yes I am a poet and I know it – ?!?) Blessings and thanks for the memory – Dr. Sis K

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