Hungry Readers Campaign

Hungry Readers are like young caterpillars eager for their first taste of a good book. Once they get it, they devour more and more until they become butterflies, able to spread their love of reading all over creation. Hungry Readers also are great readers, always hungry for new kinds of stories and eager to share the good news of what they’ve consumed. Darius Daniels: Game On! is designed with Hungry Readers in mind.

Some hungry readers are reluctant. They know, deep down, that they can become something more beautiful. They just don’t know how. But if we feed them the right way, they will eat. And when those readers have had their fill, they are going to wrap themselves into a cocoon, and completely change character. And then they will shed their cocoon and become something remarkable, unique, gorgeous, something winged…something that goes from crawling to flying.

As an author, tutor, teacher, parent, I’ve never met a child who wasn’t hungry to learn to read and write. I’ve never met a child I couldn’t teach to read and write. Millions of children desire to read and write but need someone to help them. Darius Daniels: Game On! is a book that's perfect for feeding Hungry Readers. It has rhythm, rhyme, rap, riddles, and more than 10 forms of poetry. It's meant to be read aloud, chorally, and to music. It's meant to inspire joy, confidence, and wordplay. Join our FREE email list to help Hungry Readers receive FREE copies of the book and get help to master reading it through our newsletters, free downloads, public and private workshops, virtual celebrations, and more!  Join our email list to escort children on their next great reading adventure!