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Darius Daniels: Game On! Poetry Forms - Try writing some of these forms of poetry. Email your work to me at for a chance to have your work highlighted on my website and social media accounts!

Darius Daniels: Game On! ABC Poetry - Download this famous ABC or abcedarian poem from Darius Daniels: Game On! then create another ABC poem that tells a story about a boy named D that goes to the letter O. See how many new ABC poems you and your classmates, friends or family can make.

Vocabulary BINGO Help Guide - This download offers step-by-step tips on how to introduce this game to your students in ways that keep them excited, engaged and learning. I've included advice based on my experiences playing the game with students. You'll also enjoy a few of the wonderful student reactions that are shared here.

Vocabulary BINGO Card - Print this ready-made sheet and you're on the way to an exciting learning competition that's sure to engage your students and help them learn new vocabulary words (even if they don't realize it)!



10 Things Every Teacher Should Know About Teaching with Kara Kinds Sunshine on a Rainy Day - Creative ways to engage students with this inspiring children's story.



C is for Cocoa Funtastic Toolkit - A list of fun, creative ways to expand the literary learning experience to help children develop a deep love for reading.

C is for Cocoa Vocabulary and Definitions - This list of dozens of words used in the book and their definitions will help aspiring young readers grow their vocabulary and comprehension.

C is for Cocoa Rhyming Words - Rhyme and rhythm are powerful tools for engaging young readers. This list of rhyming words (and what could be called "half-rhymes") can help create engaging learning experiences.



10 Things Every Teacher Should Know About Teaching with Barack Obama: A Hip-Hop Tale of King's Dream Come True - Fun and engaging ways to engage children using this uplifting and inspiring retelling of a historical milestone.


Obama: A Hip Hop Tale Vocabulary Words - The compelling story of Barack Obama's historic presidential campaign, told with captivating rhymes and colorful illustrations, entices students to learn lots of new words and phrases. This list highlights important words and concepts used in the book.

Teacher Testimonial - In sharing her experience using the book "Obama: A Hip Hop Tale" and the transformative effect it had on her second-grade students, a teacher provides insightful tips and helpful tools that can be used in any classroom.


Darius Daniels: Game On!

Darius Daniels: Game On! is a middle-grade rhythmic novel about an 11-year-old boy, a video game, and a great and scary adventure the boy cannot escape – until he hurts somebody.

To complete the journey with Darius, readers will get the joy of crossing a sea of wordplay. This book is chock-full of rhythm, rhyme, raps, riddles, and more than 10 forms of poetry.



About C is for Cocoa

C is for CocoaThis alphabet book about Ghana, West Africa, and the people, food, plants, and animals, was based on suggestions by 3rd-grade students in Konko Village, in the Eastern Region. Every book purchased allows us to give books to Konko Village youth and other school children in Ghana.


Kara Finds Sunshine on a Rainy Day

Kara Finds Sunshine on a Rainy Day is a picture book about hope, healing, and discovering heroes around us and within.

This special edition was written to support children and families who survived the devastating Hurricane Katrina in 2005. A child psychiatrist has called Kara Finds Sunshine "a voyage to resiliency." A cultural historian suggests it's a powerful education in the "habit of love." 



About Obama: A Hip Hop Tale

Barack Obama: A Hip Hop Tale of King's Dream Come True by Caroline Brewer and Glenn BrewerTold through swift-moving rhymes, rhythm and drama, Barack Obama: A Hip Hop Tale of King's Dream Come True is a colorful account of the presidential campaign of Barack Obama. It entertains while educating children about an important event in world history.