About the Book

Darius Daniels: Game On! is a fun-filled book about a boy, a game, and a great adventure involving some scary and beautiful creatures. It’s a book full of rhythm, rhyme, rap, and riddles, as well as travel across time, space, place and the shores of identity. Every page pulsates with elements of excitement, suspense, and action and the perfect ingredients to satisfy “hungry readers” around the world.

Darius, nicknamed D, is a sweet-faced, kind-hearted Midwestern boy who loves video games. They seem to believe in him, the way his daddy used to believe in him. But one day, D’s dad walked out of his life. So as D grew up, games became his best friends. He would stay up to the wee hours of the morning, hide in closets during school, and skip meals to play.

But one morning, the console turns on D, and sucks him inside the virtual world of the Masters and Monsters video game. D can’t get back to the real world without wounding a game master and out-smarting monsters. A mistake could keep him trapped inside the game forever or cause him to hurt someone who’s innocent. D’s brother and sister and two friends show up to guide him on the journey.

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